Auditing Services


In regards to public accounting, we base our work on the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs), the procedures established in the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the International Standards on Quality Control (ISQCs), in addition to the applicable legal framework.


Our Services


  • Financial statement audits

  • Tax audits

  • Operations audits

  • Business audits (for the purchase and/or sell of property)

  • Forensic audits

  • System audits

  • Special audits

  • Legal audits

  • Others



We have a team of highly skilled professionals who specialize in all current regulations, as well as financial and accounting interpretation procedures in multiple economic sectors.


  • Legal audits

  • Tax planning

  • Tax diagnostics

  • Transfer prices

  • Administrative appeals and tax-related legal disputes

  • General tax consulting

  • Others

Corporate Auditing


We have ample experience in corporate auditing, including:


  • Assessment of operational structures, financial and economic accounting, internal controls, and IT systems

  • Economic viability studies

  • Due diligence

  • Restructuration of financial obligations

  • Classification and assessment of staff positions

  • Others

Legal Services


We offer our clients expert legal advice in Civil Rights and Notarial Law, Labor Law, Tax Law, and Corporate Law.


Our Services


  • Assistance in company incorporation and statutory reforms, and in the functioning of governing bodies.

  • Establishment of local subsidiaries or branch offices (foreign companies).

  • Merges, acquisitions, spin-offs and company transformations.

  • Analysis and writing of commercial agreements.

  • Structuring trusts.

  • Consulting and managing insolvency and bankruptcy situations.

  • Litigation and arbitration

  • Registration of brands and patents.

  • Agreements, wills and inheritances.

  • Others

Economic Crimes


Economic and corporate criminal law is involved in many different sectors of the economy, through duties and obligations embroiled in commercial, financial, and banking law, and which are concerned with internal controls and accounting/financial information.


Our firm will provide:


  • Activity and potential risks analysis.

  • Development of Criminal Risk Prevention Plan.

  • Defense of affected parties.

  • Revision and periodical audits to assess the degree of compliance and the measures being taken by the company in furtherance of compliance.

  • Protocol development and implementation.

  • Good governance codes.

  • Development of internal processes.


We provide expert legal advice and effective representation in matters relating to litigation.

Outsourcing Services


We assist our clients with their company’s daily activities, to wit:


  • Payroll management.

  • General accounting.

  • Assistance with tax returns.

  • Human Resources.

  • Others.