About PKF International


Our professional organization specializes in: Public Accounting, Accounting services, Finance, Administration and Economics. Since its foundation, the Firm’s solid purpose has been to foster a Client-Firm relationship based on close and frequent contact between our professionals and the counterparts designated by our Clients to carry out their projects.

Since the beginning of our professional activities, we have placed special care and attention to keeping our organization within a close circle of first-class Firms devoted to similar purposes, operating in the prime financial and economic forums of the world. Responding to changes in the international scene of professional practice, in 1990 we became a Member Firm of PKF, an international Association of Public Accountants and Business Consultants which includes more than 335 offices and 7,800 professionals around the world.

We have provided services to clients operating in diverse types of economic activities and cultural settings, consistently striving to operate in a responsible and professional manner, with highly ethical standards. We have also strived to guarantee that our staff is composed of experts in their respective fields, in order that we may provide optimum solutions to our Clients’ needs and to enable our Clients to fully identify themselves with our professional team.

As a result of our association with PKF, we have the capacity to serve Clients operating in a wide variety of sectors and specializing in different activities, in all the continents of the world.



Auditing tailored to your company; revealing specific operational, regulatory and financial risks./p>


Our team of skilled and experienced professionals develop effective tax strategies.

Corporate Finances

We know the best way to be successful in Business Transactions.


Our team of professionals have ample practical, technical and commercial knowledge of various disciplines.


Our firm is oriented to service, inlcuding the attention of legal consultations, presentation and follow up of lawsuits, advisory services in the constitution of companies and personnel hiring as well as support in real state.

Accounting Outsourcing

We assist our clients with their company’s daily activities.